Find a Temporary Room in Freiburg

Besenkammer is the winner of the Spark 2020 Social Impact Award!

We connect Uni Freiburg students with people who have a room to spare.

Find a room for 1-3 months

Enjoy a homebase while you're looking for a long-term WG.

Stay with a family or retiree

Join the home of an established Freiburger.

Don’t worry about contracts

We worry about rental contracts so you don't have to.

Preserve your sanity

Finding housing in Freiburg takes time—don't rush it!

Why stay with a family?

If you’re moving to Freiburg to study, you probably want to find a shared flat. But the market is crazy! So why not stay with a friendly family who has a room to spare?

Make your transition to Freiburg easier by staying with a family for one, two, or three months. You can search for your perfect shared flat during that time, and you’ll have less to worry about as you get settled.

Why host a student?

If you have a room to spare in Freiburg, why not host a student? You can earn money, bring youthful energy into your home, and help a young person begin their life in Freiburg.

We make it simple to host a student for 1-3 months. No more stressful experiences with WG-Gesucht. We even set up the contract for you.

Find the spare room that's right for you

Our app makes it easy to find temporary housing Freiburg that fits your needs and personality. Most rooms are €250-500 per month. Customize your search by answering questions like these:

  • Do you like pets? Do you have allergies?
  • Would you like to share meals?
  • How social would you like to be?
  • Do you study more at home or the library?
  • Are you a night or morning person?
  • Would you like to help with chores?

Besenkammer is a Freiburg-based startup

“Originally, the project was named after me. How cool is that?”


“I eat graphic design for breakfast. With milk.”

JimGraphic Designer

“I keep the proverbial train on the proverbial rails.”


“I'm going to code the crap out of the project. So hard.”


“Anything you throw at me, I'll throw back harder. Achtung!”


“I'm just here for the German brown bread. It's so good!”


We're making life better for students in Freiburg. Want to follow our journey?